Installing Epoxy Flooring In Your Business


When a person is needing to assess potential flooring systems for their business, being misled by common assumptions about these options can keep a person from making the optimal choices for their business's flooring needs. Epoxy flooring systems are particularly misunderstood by business owners, and this can lead to them failing to give this option the consideration that it deserves.

Assumption: Epoxy Flooring Is Easily Scratched

The assumption that epoxy flooring will be easily scratched is one of the more prevalent notions that people may believe about this type of flooring. In reality, epoxy flooring systems can be engineered to be extremely resistant to damage from scratches. As you are evaluating potential epoxy flooring systems for your business, you should be mindful of the scratch resistance of these systems as there can be considerable viability between different epoxy flooring systems.

Assumption: Epoxy Flooring Will Be Extremely Slick

Epoxy flooring systems will have a pleasing shine to them that can make them an enriching part of your building's interior. However, this shine can cause people to think that this flooring system will always be slick to those walking on them. As a result, they may assume that this could be a potentially unsafe solution for their business. Luckily, epoxy flooring provides individuals with good traction while walking over it. However, if your business regularly gets water on the floors, it is possible to have the epoxy flooring textured to provide enhanced traction to those walking on it. This option can make epoxy flooring systems among the safest options for businesses.

Assumption: Epoxy Flooring Systems Require A Lengthy Installation Process

When a business is needing a new flooring system installed, it will always be imperative to have this work completed as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of time that the business will have to remain closed. Epoxy flooring systems can have among the shortest installation times while still providing extremely durable performance. Depending on the size of the area where the epoxy flooring is being installed, it may be possible for it to be applied in as little as a single day. While the epoxy will need to dry before the floors can be used again, this will typically only require up to a few days. The quick installation time for this flooring coupled with its long lifespan can make this one of the most effective options for businesses that need quality flooring that will involve minimal downtime for the building.

To learn more about epoxy floors or explore options for your building, talk to a flooring contractor in your area.


9 May 2022

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