Why Refreshing Your Commercial Parking Lot Striping Is Important


If you manage a business that has its own parking lots, you likely have pavement markings in place in order to designate parking spots or convey other information to drivers and pedestrians. While you may remember to get a fresh asphalt seal coating for your lot from time to time, don't forget to also refresh or update your commercial parking lot striping or pavement markings as needed. Here's how a fresh coat of markings or parking stripes can benefit your lots and your business.

Maintain Professional Appearance

A parking lot with faded lines that looks like it has not been properly maintained could reflect poorly on your business as a whole. The parking lot is often one of the first things a potential client or customer will see upon coming onto your property. Fresh lines or pavement markings can help maintain a professional appearance and give the right first impression to everyone that drives onto your property.

Maximize Parking Space

When parking lines fade over time, drivers may start parking anywhere their vehicle will fit instead of adhering to the set parking spaces you originally had set up. By maintaining your parking lines or pavement markings, you can ensure you make the most out of every square foot of space in each parking lot you have. Maximizing your parking space may be important if your parking lots are on the smaller side or if you have a lot of employees and customers who need a spot each and every day.

Guide Traffic Flow

When a parking lot has the correct pavement markings throughout, it can help direct the flow of traffic. Perhaps you only want drivers going one way down one lane of a lot but in a different direction across another lane. Directing the flow of traffic throughout the lot can help keep drivers and pedestrians safe because there will be some organization to the way everyone is moving. Good pavement markings could help prevent an accident or injury from taking place on your property.

Comply With the Law

Your parking lot may be required by law to maintain a certain number of handicap-accessible spaces or you may be required to keep specific types of markings on the ground to designate these spaces. Letting these lines or markings fade over time could bring you out of compliance with the laws or regulations in your area and that could lead to a fine or bad publicity.


11 May 2023

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